The board-system is built with digital displays, which results in a perfect readability.
The electromagnetic display has a perfect persistancy against moisture in swimmingpools.
The score-board has a low energy consumption and is maintenance free.
The housing is made of aluminium in dull black. On top there is a non reflecting, shock-steady plastic frontplate. The score-board complies with the national and international rules.

The standard delivery is including 2 clocks of  35 seconds. This set is expandable to 4 clocks.
The seconds clocks are easy to install and simple to handle. The clocks have a signal for the end of the playtime, break, 35 seconds rule and last minute start. The 35 seconds clocks can be programmed to training clocks.

Table model waterpolo
All the settings can be turned on or off with one push on a button.
By power-failing all last results and settings remain in the computer.

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