ERATON's Time & Temperature clock is part of a complete range of extreme accurate electronic time-registration and displaying apparatus for numerous purposes and applications.

ERATON's Time & Temperature clock gives that information everybody really wants to know .... and that every 4 seconds of the day! We give you this information with the use of big, fluorescent figures which have a very good readability even in full sunlight. So extreme efficient for indoors and outdoors because the maintenance-free design is a perfect part for commercial-panels or goodwill information on the wall of your firm.
Thanks to the radio-control system DCF-control this clock will always display the correct time, even after power-failing. Switching from summer to winter-time and the other way round is no problem, this is automatically done by the DCF-signal.

The clock can display temperatures of -29 until +40 degrees Celsius. We deliver your clock in every possible size or design you can think of: one-side, 2-sides, 3-sides, what ever you want!
For ERATON it is self-evident that each clock is made on specifications from the client.
You want it, we have it or we will make it for you!

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