With this system you have everything under control even in the most difficult situations and exciting moments of a contest.
The care-free and reliable system is developed and based on many years of experience.
Based on a very simple control-panel almost everybody is able to use this system.
The system with a version of a jury-clock TUP 9000 is specially developed for hippic-sport.

With this system you can lock-on to a wide scale of score-boards. For example you can choose between:

· With or without faults
· Displaying the competitors numbers
· Displaying the time and/or daytime 
· Display of the final placings
The above can be displayed in different sizes and designs.

The score-boards are standard provided with digital yellow figures with a black background. The score-boards are maintenance-free, standard water-repellent and so weatherproof!
By power failing all last results and settings remain.

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